Top 10 Favourite Leading Ladies

My favourite leading ladies, both human and animal! Disney princesses and other.

1. Esmeralda – The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) (Ringeren i Notre Dame)

Voiced by Demi Moore/ Heidi Mollenhauer (Norsk: Benedicte Adrian)

I remember having a doll of her and also dressing up as her when i was younger. She is also a very unselfish and stong, young woman. I can realte to her now more than ever!

2.  Mulan – Mulan (1998)

Voiced by Ming-Na/ Lea Salonga (Norsk: Jannicke Kruse/ Sissel Heibek)

I watched the film in cinema when it first came out (I was dead scared alredy at the beginning, cause of the loud sound and Shan Yu, so I didn’t actually see it, but I saw it later on video). I always pretended I was her and got really into Chinese body art. That was fun! She is just awesome!

3. Ariel – The Little Mermaid (1989) (Den Lille Havfruen)

Voiced by Jodi Benson (Norsk: Sissel Kyrkjebø/ Guri Schanke, sequels)

When i was younger I wanted to have her voice and her long, red hair. I pretended to be her and also got a mermaid tail as well as throwing a mermaid themed party!

4. Nala – The Lion King (1994) (Løvenes Konge)

Voiced by Moira Kelly/ Laura Williams (Adult) (Norsk: Anne Aartun/ Hanne Dieserud, sequel)

Nala was always my favourite character (after Scar, of course). She is just amazing! I wanted to pretend I was her (until the sequel came, and I wanted to be Kiara!)

5. Belle – Beauty and the Beast (1991) (Skjønnheten og Udyret)

Voiced by Paige O’Hara (Norsk: Merethe Trøan)

I said when i was younger that I looked most like her of the princesses with brown hair and eyes and always liked stories and reading (still do!) I got a personalized book of Beauty and the Beast with me as “Beauty”.  That was great!

6. Aurora – Sleeping Beauty (1959) (Tornerose)

Voiced by: Mary Costa (Norsk: Liv Ragnhild Sømme Torneberg)

I have always thought that she has one of the best voices of the princesses. I also love her dress as well and the fact that she talks to all the animals in the forest 😀

7. Lady – Lady & the Tramp (1955) (Lady og Landstrykeren)

Voiced by Barbara Luddy/ Peggy Lee (Norsk: Anne Marit Jacobsen)

Wow, you didn’t see that one comming ;D I think she is amazing. She is so cute as a puppy and actually very beautiful as an adult dog. I love her voice as well, even if she actually doesn’t talk that much (well, she actually doesn’t talk at all!)

8. Megara – Hercules (1997) (Herkules)

Voiced by Susan Egan (Norsk: Iren Reppen/ Anita Hegerland)

Her voice is amazing and I love the song “I Won’t Say I’m in Love”! She also sacrifices alot as well.

9. Rapunzel (Rapunsel) – Tangled (2010) (To på Rømmen)

Voiced by Mandy Moore (Norsk: Marion Ravn)

I saw this film a few months ago and I loved it! I love how Rapunzel is like and her voice is amazing! She is also very brave, think about having so long hair (though she eventually gets it cut very short and her hair goes brown)

10. Jane – Tarzan (1999)

Voiced by Minnie Driver (Norsk: Laila Goody)

I just love her, I can actually sort of relate to her, and she has brown hair just like me! Her voice is amazing and how she is first time meeting Tarzan is hillarious, sweet and romantic.

Next I will do a top 10 favourite leading men!